Lady of the Lake

Lady of the Lake is run by me, Chantal Shanks. I am an indie author in Leamington, Ontario. I write poetry and prose about nature, adventure and the importance of preserving the health of the planet and am also working on a book about climate change which I hope to release next year. I have organized a screening of the documentary film “Chasing Coral” produced and directed by Jeff Orlowski in order to bring awareness to the effect that warming oceans are having on coral reef eco-systems, and I hope to be able to do this each year. I also head out into the community as often as possible to do beach clean ups so that families can have a safe and healthy beach experience. I hope others will start joining me soon, which is why I have started the Lady of the Lake site.

Lady of the Lake is intended to be a movement committed to reducing pollution in our lakes and on our shorelines as well as striving to reduce waste in our day to day lives. Lady of the Lake stands firm in their position to fight climate change by spreading awareness through art, literature and social media and the organization of beach clean ups. Lady of the Lake also supports other environmental organizations because in order to make change, we all need to stand side by side and face these issues head on.

You’re never too small to make an impact, just ask the mosquito!

Not Just Environmental Issues

Lady of the Lake supports equal rights for all people no matter their race, gender, status or sexual orientation. Humans may have many individual differences but for the most part we all want the same thing- to live a healthy and happy life and be free to do the things we love.

Many people will say “how can we save the environment when there are so many other things to worry about?”.

I say there are over 7 billion of us. We don’t have to solve one problem at a time. We can stand in solidarity and each do our part to solve all of these problems together.


Nobody’s Perfect

This site is not about being perfect or passing judgement on others. In my personal life, I strive to do the best I can for the planet but sometimes, as a human, I forget things. I forget to order my drink without a straw, or bring my reusable bags to the store etc. The important thing is that we all keep trying. I will share tips that I learn along the way as well as things that I am doing at home in hopes that I can inspire change, whether big or small. We are all in this together! Let’s be encouraging to each other!