10 Tips- Week 2

10 Ways You Can Help The Planet

  1. make your own jello, pudding and baked goods for lunches instead of buying heavily packaged items from the store
  2. invest in a bamboo toothbrush which can be composted when you’re done with it
  3. be mindful of your purchases- if it comes in plastic wrapping and it really doesn’t need to, leave it on the shelf and look for an alternative
  4. bike and walk more instead of driving or use public transit or even carpooling
  5. quit smoking- one cigarette butt can contaminate 7 litres of water in just one hour
  6. support environmental groups
  7. shop less- find other ways to pass the time like hanging out with friends
  8. if you must shop, shop thrift stores
  9. participate in a shoreline clean-up
  10. help spread awareness

Together we can make a million small changes that will add up and make a huge difference!

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