Tips For Plastic Free Groceries

It’s been a busy week but I can’t let that stop me from my goal of becoming more eco friendly. June 8 was World Oceans Day so in honor of that I’ll be giving you some tips on how to reduce your use of single use plastics. It’s estimated that one dump truck full of plastic waste ends up in our oceans and water ways every minute and those bits of plastic are wreaking havoc on the health of marine life and eco systems. Let’s love our oceans, lakes and rivers by taking care of them!

Plastic Free Groceries

  1. use reusable mesh produce bags for fruits and veggies
  2. if you’re only grabbing one or two of something, such as peppers, go without a bag
  3. refuse fruits and veggies that are wrapped in plastic that don’t need to be, such as coconuts or melons. Choose the ones without plastic wrap instead
  4. buy a reusable travel cup instead of plastic water bottles
  5. buy cans of soda or pop instead of bottles. Aluminum is much easier to recycle
  6. make pudding or jello at home in Tupperware containers instead of buying the kind that come in disposable plastic packaging
  7. make baked goods at home instead of buying packaged snacks
  8. when and if it’s possible choose sauces or condiments that come in glass jars instead of plastic
  9. buy bulk products and use your own containers or paper or cloth bags to carry them in
  10. buy bread and buns from the bakery instead of those packaged in plastic bags
  11. buy frozen cans of juice or juice in glass bottles rather than juice in plastic jugs
  12. invest in a water filter-pitcher for your home

2 thoughts on “Tips For Plastic Free Groceries

    1. Hi Danielle, I’ve made the cards but haven’t used them yet. The idea is that when you see produce in the grocery store that is packaged in plastic even though it doesn’t need to be, you leave a card in that section that reads “I chose not to buy this product because I prefer plastic free produce”. It’s basically just a way to let super markets know that we’re on a mission to reduce plastic waste.

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