Eco Friend Challenge

Two weeks ago I went to my daughter’s classroom and hosted a screening of the documentary “Chasing Coral”. After the screening was over, I presented the class with a challenge to spend the next week making as many small changes to help the environment that they could. I gave them the Eco Friend chart so that they could keep track of their progress and said that I would award a prize to the student who had done the most eco friendly challenges. Unfortunately, my daughter reported that most of the students lost their forms. However, there were two students in particular who did an amazing job and I want to take the time now to recognize those students.

Zach was the second place winner with 15 challenges met

I’ll be giving him some Mike and Ikes, which my daughter says he loves, a handmade sea shell ornament and some of the Chasing Coral swag that the filmmakers sent to me 🙂

and Kennedy was the grand prize winner with 41 challenges met!

She will receive a $25 gift card to Skyzone in Windsor, and a handmade sea shell ornament as well as some Chasing Coral swag

Great job guys, and thank you so much for taking care of the environment! I hope to be able to have more challenges like this with some great prizes for our deserving eco warriors!

~You’re never too small to make an impact, just ask a mosquito~

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