The Cry

Recently in the news we have been warned that the ecology of our planet is in demise. The oceans are filled with plastic and micro plastic, the atmosphere is full of pollutants, and animals are going extinct by the thousands. Yet through all of the cries for help I hear the deafening sound of apathy. My children still come home from school with sadness in their eyes to tell me that there are still so many who just don’t believe that anything is wrong. They all believe that the economy is more important than the health of our planet. They make what they claim are intelligent arguments all the while ignoring the fact that if our land is poisoned and people are dying from pollution and climate change events, there will be no economy to speak of!

Below is a poem from my collection titled

“The Cry”

I beg of you

Don’t ignore the cry

Don’t shut your eyes

Cover your ears

And turn your backs

For the convenience of continuing to do things the same way

For the convenience of pretending things are fine

So you can drive your car

Throw your bottles in the trash

And make your disposable purchases

Will you allow the coastline to disappear?

And the storms to grow more violent?

Will you allow the Amazon to become nothing more than history?

Will you allow all that was once beautiful and sacred on the only home you’ve ever known to suddenly become no more?

With devotion and conviction

I will ask again and again

And I will beg if I have to

Don’t let the rivers and streams become too poisoned for your own children to swim in

Don’t let the flora and fauna become a distant memory

An exhibit in a museum

Let the redwoods be the skyscrapers

Let the peaks and valleys be your gathering places

Take only what you need and replace what you can


Please I beg

Don’t ignore the cry





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