Fridays For Future

Today is May 24 and you may be surprised to know that students all over the globe are striking for climate change. The movement, dubbed “Friday’s for future” began in August 2018, when a 15 year old Swedish student named Greta Thunberg sat outside Swedish parliament every school day for three weeks to demand politicians take action against climate change. Since then, it has become a global movement. The last planned strike for climate change saw 1.6 million strikers on all 7 continents.
Though I am dismayed that we’ve left it up to our youth to fight for their future and clean up our mess, I am incredibly inspired by this young lady. She started out all alone and never gave up. Now, she speaks at United Nations events, she has been on the cover of Time magazine and she has encouraged millions of students, youth, and adults like me to take action to protect our planet.
I am from Leamington, Ontario and unfortunately, I am the odd one out around here. Most people I know do not believe in climate change. This blog does not get much traffic, I am not a recognized leader and even if I was brave enough to put myself out there, I don’t think I could achieve what Greta Thunberg has achieved. There will be no strike for climate change in my community. If I want to support these groups, I’d end up having to travel to Toronto or the US, which would make me feel a bit hypocritical. (Driving a gas powered vehicle a few hours to a climate change protest, not so cool).
So what can I do to support the movement?
Well I can share the information with you, I can do a beach clean up, I can talk to my kids and continue to encourage them, I can follow my own advice and make changes at home and I can support Greta, #fridaysforfuture, and other groups and leaders like her.

Please check out the website and the YouTube videos!

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